The Encore Group, and predecessor Living Stone, Inc., privately-held giftware companies of which I own 10%, with sales of $150 million, based in San Diego CA with manufacturing plants and offices in China, Thailand, and North Carolina. (1993-2005).

BC Abalone, SA de CV (Mexico) and Servicios Acuaculturas, SA de CV (Mexico), the abalone aquaculture company described in the Employment section. (1993-2004).

A&M Ventures, Inc. and predecessor Morris Whaley, Inc., privately held manufacturing companies in the commercial fishing industry in which I owned 50%, with sales of $4 million, until company closed down with departure of tuna fleets to the Western Pacific. (1980-1997).

Clipper Oil, Inc., and predecessor Tuna Clipper Marine, Inc., privately held marine fuel distributors in which I owned 2%, with sales of $15 million, until the company was sold in 1994. (1980-1994).


San Diego International Sports Council (Chairman-1999) (1990-Present).

Santa Fe Christian School Athletic Advisory Board (2004-2006)

YMCA of Greater San Diego County (Vice Chairman of the Board) (1990-2004).

Florida State University Foundation (1992-1997).

Florida State University Southern California Alumni Association (1992-1997).

University of California at San Diego Athletic Associates (1993-1996).

Yale University Berkeley Divinity School (1993-1995).

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Vestry (Chairman 1994-95) (1992-1995).

American Lung Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties (1978-1982).

Professional Memberships:

Academy of International Business (2007-Present)

Christian Business Faculty Association (2007-Present)

National Association of Business Economics (2008-Present)